Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have been forced to explore alternative employment options in New York City, after newspaper the WALL STREET JOURNAL rejected their job requests.

For the third installment of their hit reality show The Simple Life, Richie and Hilton will hit the road around the north-east section of America - travelling around in GREYHOUND coaches.

The trek, which is slated to begin shooting today (27OCT04), will reportedly last a month. Along the way, the pair will stop to work a variety of different jobs, from blue collar to managerial.

But when producers contacted the publication to see if the pair could spend a day in the office, the Journal declined and offered them free subscriptions instead.

In past series, the best pals have been seen making a mockery of their jobs, much to the entertainment of audiences but despair of their bosses.

27/10/2004 02:44