Paris Hilton has a strong influence on her beau PARIS LATSIS' appearance - she recently made him dye his hair blonde, only to order him to revert to his natural brunette tones days later.

The hotel heiress, who hopes to one day marry her boyfriend of five months, thought it would be "cute" for the Greek shipping heir to lighten his tresses, but she soon regretted the idea.

She says, "I told him to do it blonde and then it looked orange, so I was like, 'Get rid of it.'

"I thought it would be cute. He likes dying his hair. He doesn't care."

Hilton has also added a little colour to Latsis' California home, which she now shares with him.

She adds, "I have a pink room in the house with pictures of me everywhere. It's hot."

The blonde beauty insists her boyfriend also likes pink.

07/05/2005 01:45