Paris Hilton's racy burger commercial is set to be aired in more markets across the US - despite the controversy it's caused.

The advertisement features the hotel heiress wearing a skimpy bikini as she washes a Bentley and eats a burger, and has been branded "soft-core porn" by a family group since its recent debut on America's west coast.

And despite the outcry, the ad will now be unveiled in the midwest and southeast at the end of the month (JUN05) - and bosses at CKE RESTAURANTS (CKE) have no plans to tone it down.

The commercial, which originally touted the Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger for CKE's CARL'S JR chain, will now promote the Spicy BBQ Thickburger from CKE's HARDEE'S chain.

The ad will run after 9pm in the midwest and southeast, where Hardee's has more than 2,000 restaurants.

16/06/2005 03:07