Paris Hilton has been accused of lying to talk show host Larry King during her post-prison interview, by saying she has never taken drugs. Speaking just a day after she was released from jail in California after serving a 23-day sentence for violating her probation, the heiress told King on Wednesday (27Jun07) she had never been addicted or taken drugs. But has video footage of Hilton talking about "smoking pot", taking magic mushrooms and a clip it claims show Hilton "smoking hash in an Amsterdam coffee shop". She is also filmed discussing smuggling drugs from The Netherlands to the US. In one segment her sister Nicky asks Paris "do you have herb?" Paris replies, "Yeah, the best pot. You wanna smoke pot? I have the best pot. I have the best pot." Paris - who is filming at the time - then says to a friend, "Dude, we're smoking pot if you guys want to smoke."