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This is the most ridiculous article. The author sounds like a jerk, and what is with that picture of Julianne Hough's blackface? In that lighting her skin looks tan at most. I had to google for images to see what you were talking about because I thought that was her natural skin color. There are plenty of white actresses who have darker skin than that. I think the author needs to carefully consider whether Julianne Hough's facepaint is really comparable to racist white madrigals from the 1920s. As we see now, that was never her intention to begin with. For someone trying to take the high road, this article is full of hate and rude nonsense. I really hope this is just a persona you adopt for your journalism and not who you are all the time.

Posted 3 years 5 months ago by cherryleaves

cherryleaves's picture

Who's the idiot now Michael... She's obviously dressed as Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie. Sheesh!!!

Posted 3 years 6 months ago by Tuxedo

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Yeah, I think it's pretty obvious Miss Pratt is dressed as I Dream of Jeannie.

Posted 3 years 6 months ago by Nschively

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Seriously? You've not heard of 'I Dream of Jeannie'? Do you have editors, fact checkers or anyone not enamored of their own snarkitude? It's not Stephanie Pratt that brings idiotic to mind. Professional site? Really a turn off.

Posted 3 years 6 months ago by Melvablue

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