Jailed socialite Paris Hilton is being punished more harshly than anyone else who committed the same crime, according to Michael Jackson and Winona Ryder's former lawyer. Los Angeles lawmakers have been accused of treating Hilton leniently after she was jailed for 45 days for violating her probation on a drink driving conviction. But Mark Geragos disagrees. The attorney, who defended Ryder during her shoplifting trial and Jackson during the early stages of his child molestation trial, told U.S. talk show host Larry King last night (11Jun07), "She is serving more time than anybody else would under a similar set of circumstances. "A standard sentence for where she was in this county would be 30 days. Forty-five days is not out of whack. "What was unjust is that nobody for that kind of an offense serves 45 days. By law, the most you have to do is 30 days. Nobody serves 30 days. The one thing you will not see is somebody on TV saying, 'I did a probation violation. I was sentenced to 45 days and I did 23.' You're not going to find anybody. And the reason they haven't been on TV is because they're out the door in less than three or four days. "That's what happens in Southern California."