Former BACKSTREET BOY NICK CARTER claims ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton tried to destroy his reputation by falsely accusing him of abusing her. Carter made headlines in July 2004 when Hilton showed up at a Hollywood nightclub with bruises on her arms and a swollen lip. The 26-year-old is finally speaking out about his rocky relationship with the hotel heiress, telling American publication Us Weekly, "I thought the fact that she had money and was famous meant I wouldn't have to worry about somebody using me. I thought that. Wrong. I kind of fell head over heels for this girl. And I probably shouldn't have." Carter claims that while The Simple Life star was shooting her movie HOUSE OF WAX in Australia the summer they dated, he heard rumours that his girlfriend was getting too friendly with co-star Chad Michael Murray, who was then on the verge of being engaged to Sophia Bush. The singer says he was so hurt by Hilton's infidelity that he retaliated by cheating on her. Shortly after the affairs, the relationship ended and Hilton appeared in public with the bruises. Carter insists, "I would never lay a hand on a woman." A source close to Hilton slams Carter's claims saying, "This is a lie. Nick has a well-known problem with his temper."