Paris Hilton's brother is refusing to speak with police officers as they attempt to conclude their investigation into a fight between him and blogger Ray LeMoine.

Barron Hilton, 24, hit headlines over the weekend (07-08Dec13) after online reports suggested he had been punched in the face following an all-night party at a rented mansion on Star Island, off the coast of Miami Beach in Florida.

Hilton subsequently documented his facial injuries in a picture posted on his page.

Miami police officers are reportedly looking to speak with Hilton concerning the incident, but have been unable to reach him.

Sergeant Bobby Hernandez tells the New York Daily News, 'We have no subject in custody, nobody we're pursuing right now. We've had no co-operation from Mr. Hilton since he made the report. He refused to wait for crime-scene investigators to take pictures of his injuries. He didn't want anything to do with it."

Meanwhile, LeMoine is claiming he punched Hilton after the 24 year old allegedly became aggressive with him.

He says, "I should be allowed to punch a dude who attacks me in my own house!"