Paramount Studios is reportedly in talks with Matt Reeves to direct a sequel to his monster hit Cloverfield.

Released in the UK tomorrow, details of the film remain shady, but a masterful marketing campaign has inspired a huge amount of buzz as well as record box office figures in the US.

Believed to focus on a shocking monster attack on New York, the thriller from Lost creator JJ Abrams used stealthy trailers and specially designed web sites to excite moviegoers, with most unaware of the film's plot, cast or the meaning of its title.

And after it transformed its $25 million (£12.5) budget into a $46 million (£23.1) opening weekend in the US, Paramount is negotiating with Cloverfield director Reeves to produce a sequel to the feverishly anticipated release, according to Variety.

The trade paper claims the discussions will be dependent on the speed with which Reeves, Abrams and writer Drew Goddard can create a new plotline for a follow-up movie.

Rumours that Reeves is planning to direct a Hitchcock-esque thriller entitled The Invisible Woman have also been confirmed.

The 41-year-old, co-creator of the TV series Felicity, has agreed a deal with GreeneStreet Films to shoot the project, which tells of a former beauty queen resorting to a life of crime to help her family.

GreeneStreet's John Perotti, who will produce the movie with Reeves and studio colleagues Fisher Stevens and Tim Williams, said the Cloverfield helmer had "created a truly original and compelling character and story".

31/01/2008 10:43:38