Paramore's Hayley Williams still gets strange looks because of her appearance.

The alternative singer still receives disapproving glances from ''dudes in suits'' for her brightly dyed hair and several tattoos.

She explained: ''It happened more when we were younger and our band was touring around in a van. Funny how when people see you on TV, suddenly you have a right to look and act however you choose but any 'lesser' person doesn't get that right. So stupid.

''We still get looks, especially if my hair or clothes are particularly on point. Mostly at airports. Dudes in suits do not like it when a pack of what they regard as weirdos get upgraded to business class.''

The 24-year-old singer - who is in the 'Now' band with Jeremy Davis and Taylor York - went on to advise her young fans to not be afraid to show their ''self-expression through music and fashion''.

She added to NME magazine: ''I think everyone has a right to represent themselves exactly the way they want. People shouldn't be getting hurt over something that personal to them. Don't let anyone scare you out of being the person you are or the person you want to be.''