Paramore are stunned by the sound of their new album.

The pop-punk band's fourth self-titled record came as a pleasant surprise to all three members as it is such a big departure from what they have previously done.

Haley Williams, the band's lead singer, said: ''We're shocked by what it [the album] is but we're thrilled with it.''

Bassist Taylor York added: ''I don't think we've ever been so proud and satisfied with something we've done. There's honestly nothing I would change about this album.''

'Paramore' is the rockers' fourth studio album and comes four years after their previous platinum-selling LP, 'Brand New Eyes'. It is their first produced without the band's co-founders, Josh and Zac Farro.

The brothers left the band in 2010 over discord caused by Haley being the only member of Paramore to be signed by their record label, Atlantic Records.

Paramore's new sound was produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen, who has previously worked with artists as far-ranging as Macy Gray and M83.

Haley explained: ''From the records he's produced and played on...he definitely doesn't fit in any sort of box. Anywhere we went he would go there with us and say he'd done it a thousand times before.

''He let every song go where it was supposed to go. We were in great hands.''