Pop punks Paramore moved into a house together to write hit album BRAND NEW EYES in a bid to try and get along after a series of bitter bust-ups.
The band cancelled several gigs in 2008, telling fans they needed "a chance to get away and work out our personal issues", amid rumours the bandmembers were jealous of frontwoman Hayley Williams being the centre of media attention.
They even admitted to undergoing counselling sessions to save the band from self-destruction.
And when they were faced with the task of recording their third studio album, the rockers decided to move into a shared house in California to try and work out their demons once and for all.
Williams tells Kerrang! magazine, "I was really scared and I didn't know, as friends, what the guys were going to think, but I was positive. I looked at it like, 'Well, if anything we're going to have a bunch of really good songs that tell a story.' I had faith that things would be better. Once we got to Malibu (to make Brand New Eyes), we lived in a house together and that was the first time we'd lived in a house together since we made (2007 album) Riot!.
"So we were away from home and didn't really have a choice but to hang out with each other, and so we started to talk more and more. Everything felt like it was mending up until the last few days in the studio and by that point we were great, and it felt like we didn't really have anything to work out in the first place."