LATEST: Rapper Papoose has blasted reports he tried to break his fiancee Remy Ma out of a New York jail in order to marry her - insisting the rumours are "ridiculous".
Papoose, real name Shamele MACkie, was alleged to have attempted to smuggle in a handcuff key last week (ends11May08) to free Remy Ma from incarceration at Rikers Island prison - where she was awaiting sentencing for her part in a July (07) shooting.
The couple was reportedly due to wed at the jail on Monday (12May08), but, according to the New York Daily News, the ceremony was called off as a result of MACkie's break-out attempt.
However, while MACkie admits that he did have a small key on his person when he went to visit his beau, he claims it was never his intention to use it to try and break Remy free.
He tells, "That whole claim and that rumour is ridiculous. Ever since she's been incarcerated, I've been going to visit her consistently. I've always had my key chain that has the key to my truck, my crib...
"This particular time, this one dude, I guess he had a bad day or something. One C.O. (correction officer) looked at it like, 'You can't bring this in here.'
"It was a small key. I honestly don't think the s**t could open handcuffs. (Sneak it to Remy) on Rikers Island? What are you gonna do with that? For me to give her a handcuff key, that's ridiculous. They put in the papers (that) I was trying to help her escape and all that. If that was true, I would have been arrested."
MACkie had the key confiscated before he was allowed into the visiting room, and, despite his protestations, the prison warden subsequently banned him from visiting Remy Ma until November (08).
Remy Ma was sentenced to eight years behind bars on Tuesday (13May08), after she was found guilty of shooting Makeda Barnes Joseph outside a New York club last summer (07).