Papa Roach frontman JACOBY SHADDIX had a tough task as he recorded the band's new album - he had to quit boozing again after slipping back to his hard-partying lifestyle when they hit the studio.
The singer spent five years sober and recently told of his "daily struggle" to resist the temptation of alcohol.
Now he has confessed he began drinking again during the making of the group's new album, Time For Annihilation...On The Road and On The Record - but forced himself to quit when he realised it was affecting his work.
Shaddix says, "I was kind of out of my mind, partying and drinking and, you know, carrying on like I was for a minute and lost my confidence as a writer and as a musician for a minute, and then halfway through, cleaned my act up.
"I think it was more pressure that was tripping me out, you know, I've never really felt like that too much before, but then cleaned my act up and then laid down some rad (great) vocals that I'm really proud of."