Papa Roach frontman JACOBY SHADDIX is determined to remain sober because he's terrified of his "demeaning and demented" behaviour when drunk.
The Last Resort hitmaker has battled alcoholism for years and has to work hard every day to keep away from booze.
He tells Kerrang!, "I'm an alcoholic and every day is a fight to keep my life together. I do horribly retarded, demeaning and demented s**t when I'm wasted. It's a f**king devil on my shoulder. Alcohol twists your perception and makes you think everything in the world f**king sucks when it really doesn't. It's like a mental illness.
"For me, it started as a good time. Then it turned into a bad time. Then I had to drink just to survive because I had a head full of wreckage... That's why I'm trying to be sober today. I just hope it never gets the best of me."
And Shaddix insists it's difficult to beat his demons while touring with the band: "The road can be a tough life. It's not a place to try to heal or get your life together because out there, you can feel completely alone. Then the world closes in and you go crazy."