Rockers Papa Roach are ready to return from the music wilderness to reclaim the fans they're convinced have abandoned them. In the two years since their last album, frontman JACOBY SHADDIX is convinced they've been forgotten about. So they've set about making a new album to mark their return. Shaddix says, "We know nobody cares about us right now. This is most definitely a comeback, no doubt about it. "The record is going great. We started writing last October and we've been in the studio for the last few months. "There was a constant flare of creativity that we got from being together in the same place." And he is promising a raunchier sound than fans are used to: "There's a standout song that might shock our fans called DESIRE, which is us exploring our sexual urges. "It's music you'll want to f**k to. It's Sade meets a very heavy Nirvana."