Anti-war activists Papa Roach have defended their decision to perform for US troops stationed in South Korea, insisting they don't have a problem with the men and women who fight for America.

Heavily-tattooed frontman JACOBY SHADDIX was initially reluctant to entertain armed forces based overseas, because he's so passionately against the vast amount of military action President George W Bush is launching around the world.

However, Shaddix has no qualms travelling the globe to play live for troops - because they're just following orders.

He says, "We had to look at it like this: By going over there, are we funding the bombs the Army is dropping on people? No.

"I've got a beef with the administration, not our soldiers. Those people over there are just doing their job. They joined the Army because it's a way to get a college education."

Papa Roach will head over to South Korea when they finally wrap their US tour in Las Vegas on 13 December (04).

09/12/2004 17:41