Paolo Nutini wants to collaborate with Pharrell Williams.

The 'Let Me Down Easy' singer was hoping to ''bump into'' the 'Happy' hitmaker at the T in the Park festival over the weekend as he thinks the producer has the ''Midas touch'' and can do no wrong.

Talking to In:Demand radio backstage at the Scottish festival, Paolo explained: ''He's the man with the Midas touch. I don't think it is as easy as just saying, 'Hey Pharrell, let's do this!'

''But I think he seems to be making more and more music. He seems a busy man just now but who knows maybe I'll bump into him. You never know.''

But Pharrell isn't the only one with a hectic schedule as Paolo revealed his calendar is full at the moment.

He added: ''The next few months are more shows, more festivals, gigging throughout the summer up until September... we just keep gigging.

''We're pretty much at a gig every second day ... if we even get that amount of time!''

However, Paolo insists he is going to find the time for some fun when out on the road.

He added: ''When we go to LA; we've already made plans to go out and have a night in the limo. It's going to be good, it will be very Fifty Cent.''

The Scotsman also opened up about how special it was to be performing in his hope nation for the festival.

He told presenter Stu Tolan: ''It's a special country and everybody really raised their spirits for this festival, in every sense of the word, they go for it. There is just something about it. It can get a bit cosmic.''