Scottish rocker Paolo Nutini has vowed to conquer his stage fright in a bid to improve his live performances.

The New Shoes hitmaker has been working as a singer/songwriter for nearly a decade, but still feels nervous about singing in front of an audience.

Nutini is convinced his anxiety has a negative affect on his concerts, so he has decided to work extra hard to conquer his fears.

He tells Scotland's Daily Record newspaper, "On stage I need to become a better live performer, I know that, I just do. Even now when we're rehearsing, I need to get over my nerves. I need to get over my self-conscious feeling about the situation and just be the way I am in the studio on the stage. That's an ongoing thing. The more natural I can feel on stage, the better it is going to be for the audience. It has never felt natural to me to stand up in front of all those people. Still. Never in any way at all."