Ex-Pantera rocker REX BROWN misses his slain bandmate 'DIMEBAG' Darrell Abbott so much, he sometimes finds himself in a "really hateful" state of mind. The bassist, who now plays in Down, admits he still struggles to take in what happened to Abbott, who was shot dead by an obsessed fan at a Damageplan show in Columbus, Ohio in December 2004. He tells website TheCultureShock.com, "I miss the dude every day. The world's a far less beautiful place without him. I remember all the good times that we had. "At first, it was such a shock that I didn't really wanna talk about it. And, I still really don't wanna delve real deep into it... But I miss that dude terribly. Just a terrible waste... "Sometimes I get to the point where I get really, really hateful. Just p**sed off because of some a**hole. Just some f**king lunatic that really changed... I really don't want to get into it, but I don't think he knew how many lives he f**king changed by doing that. "I think it's a terrible waste of life and talent and breath and I miss, we all, Philip (Anselmo, ex-Pantera and Down singer) and I, we talk about him all the time. That's our way of getting through it. "We've come to closure with that part of it. The mourning and stuff."