The former manager of disbanded rockers Pantera has dismissed rumours bandmates Vinnie Paul Abbott and Phil Anselmo will end their decade-long feud and reunite.
The band broke up in 2003 after the departure of lead vocalist Anselmo, amid reports of infighting largely blamed on his drug abuse.
It has been suggested Anselmo and Abbott have reconnected and buried the hatchet.
But the group's former manager Kimberly Zide Davis insists tensions between the singer and founding member Abbott still run high.
She tells Guitar World, "I literally spent the years from 2001 to 2003 trying all that I could with (management company) Concrete to get them to communicate. But numerous conference calls and other things were set up, and Philip never responded - or in some cases he responded in the press rather than actually just communicating with the rest of us. So I don't believe it would have been fixable."
And Davis admits the tragic 2004 death of Abbott's brother, guitarist and co-founder 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott ended any lingering hopes of a reunion. Abbott was shot on stage in 2004 during a performance with Damageplan, which he founded with Vinnie after Pantera's demise.
She adds, "There is not and I don't believe there ever will be (a reunion). And truthfully, I don't know if they would be interacting even if Dime hadn't been murdered. But his death sealed it. I don't think Vinnie will ever be able to communicate with Philip again, and I don't really blame him on a lot of levels."