Former Pantera guitarist 'DIMEBAG' DARRELL ABBOTT's estate will be shared between his drummer brother VINNIE PAUL and his songwriter father JERRY ABBOTT.

The rocker was killed when a deranged gunman stormed onstage during a performance by Dimebag's band DAMAGEPLAN in Columbus, Ohio in December (04).

He is reported to have left assets of around $700,000 (GBP368,000), including a $450,000 (GBP236,800) home in his native Dallas, Texas.

Dimebag didn't leave a will, but family lawyer STEVE McCLURE insists the estate will be distributed without complaint.

He says, "(Abbott) reiterated to just about everybody that he didn't have a will because he didn't want to give anyone a reason. These are class folks and you're not going to see them at the courthouse fighting over nickels and dimes."

His longterm girlfriend RITA SUE HANEY has not been listed as a beneficiary, but the rocker's business manager insists, "Rita's going to be provided for...Darrell knew her since the third grade."

01/03/2005 17:27