LATEST: More horrific details have emerged of the moment ex-Pantera guitarist 'DIMEBAG' DARRELL ABBOTT was shot dead onstage in Columbus, Ohio, earlier this month (08DEC04).

Local DJ SCOOP RICHARDS was in the audience at the DAMAGEPLAN concert when ex-marine Nathan Gale killed Abbott and three others. Police then shot Gale dead.

Richards tells British magazine NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS (NME), "I knew something was wrong right away. They only seemed to be playing for a few seconds when the stuff started.

"We heard the gunshots... Everyone got to the floor and when the first volley of shooting stopped we ran to a part of the bar which had a locked door to lock ourselves in.

"An instant after that, they rushed VINNIE PAUL (Dimebag's brother and Damageplan drummer) into the room. He was pretty distraught and upset. He described watching his brother get shot in the head. It was horrifying.

"When he was in the room there was another series of shots. He thought that someone was trying to execute the members of the band and he grabbed a knife.

"We didn't know if the guy was going to come into the room. Once the shooting stopped he just wanted to be with his brother. Just to be witness to that was really hard.

"I talked to people who were at the front and they described the experience of having a bullet whizz by their head. Bullets were hitting the ceiling and stuff was falling out as a result.

"It was horrible... Dimebag never had a chance."

21/12/2004 09:33