Panic At The Disco have vowed to continue, despite The Departure of two members.

Guitarist and songwriter Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker left the group earlier this week, but singer Brendon Urie and drummer Spencer Smith have promised fans nothing has changed about their immediate plans.

They wrote on their MySpace blog: "Panic At The Disco is alive and very very well. We are working on new songs that we are excited for you to hear. Our dates with Blink-182 and No Doubt start in a little less than a month, and we wouldn't miss those for the world. We know everybody has a lot of questions at this point with everything being so out of the blue, most of those should be answered in the coming weeks. We appreciate every one of you, and hope you continue with us on this incredible ride."

The rockers paid tribute to their former bandmates, insisting there is no bad feeling between them.

They added: "It's been an amazing journey being in a band with them, but sometimes individual tastes take friends in different directions and you can't ignore it. They are some of the most talented guys we know, and we're sure that whatever they do next will be great."

The post finished with a teaser for fans, saying: "Pay attention we have a surprise in store for you... PS we were cleaning out The Practice space and you'll never guess what we found."