Pamela des Barres was still in awe of Sir Mick Jagger the first time they had sex.

The 69-year-old star - who is one of the music industry's best known groupies - has been romanced by some of the world's most famous rockers over the years, but Pamela has admitted that making love to The Rolling Stones frontman for the first time was a particularly surreal moment.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph newspaper, she confessed: ''It kind of took me out of the moment. But it got better.''

Pamela has been criticised in the past for her promiscuity, revealing she's even been called ''the national slut''.

But the American writer has insisted that being a groupie was about much more than just sex.

She explained: ''We wanted to dress rock stars. We helped Alice Cooper with his makeup, I sewed buttons on Jimmy Page's shirts. I was about looking after them in a joyous way.''

A number of the stars that Pamela had romances with overindulged with drink and drugs during that period and many are now dead, such as The Who musician Keith Moon, Doors singer Jim Morrison and guitar god Jimi Hendrix.

But Pamela believes the attitude towards narcotics was a reflection of the wider, more relaxed culture of the time.

She shared: ''It was new reality, and people were willing to go out on the furthest limb. Drugs were so prolific. I was with Hendrix in New York, we went to a party at [Andy Warhol's] Factory and as we walked through, all three members of Hendrix's band held their hands out and got drugs dropped in. And they took all of them. I mean, they could have died right there on the spot.''

Pamela described another of her heroes, rocker Jim Morrison, as the ''most beautiful, sensual man''.

But she also admitted the 'Light My Fire' singer was a ''terrible drunk'', which meant she found him less attractive.

She recalled: ''You know, we'd have to step over him in the gutter, because he was laying there puking. So he lost some allure in my eyes.''

Meanwhile, Pamela claimed that The Who drummer Keith - who passed away in 1978, following a drug overdose - would have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder if he was still alive today.

She shared: ''He was medicating himself the best way he knew how, to contain himself. Trying to keep up with his highs and lows was not an easy task. The substances he chose to imbibe would calm him, they would solve a momentary problem. Nowadays he would probably be OK if he found the right doctor.''