Pamela des Barres would be Harry Styles' groupie if she was 19 again.

The 69-year-old was rock and roll's most famous groupie in the 1960s and she says if she had had her life again, she would go after former One Direction star Harry as she loves his ''easy femininity'' and how ''adorable'' he is.

She said: ''If I were 19 again he [Harry's] who I'd be going after. I think he's talented and I think he's in it for the long haul, which is so rare in the current crop of kids.

''He's also got that easy femininity I've always liked and he seems quite adorable. He's also mysterious about his sexuality, which is fabulous - I love that.''

Pamela has been open about her trysts in the 60s but hates being ''judged'' for enjoying her time with different men.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper about her romance with Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, she added: ''One time I was on the side of the stage as Jimmy entranced 80,000 fans with his guitar playing. From my vantage point, sitting on Jimmy's amp, I almost felt like one of the group. Girls in the audience looked up at me and wondered which one I was sleeping with, and I was so proud. I was exactly who I'd aspired to be - the girlfriend of the lead guitar player in the world's biggest rock and roll band.

''It's judgmental bulls**t. People are so uptight about sex, it's terrible. I wasn't some little victim, I got a lot out of those relationships. Any woman who gets out there, looks on stage and goes after someone who inspires her, that is the ultimate feminist act, surely? To me, great sex is like touching God, and I was lucky enough to have experienced it to the hilt and wrote about it freely, openly and joyously, when not many other women had.''