Infamous rock groupie Pamela des Barres has defended SIR Mick Jagger after Keith Richards questioned the size of his manhood, insisting she got "plenty of satisfaction" in bed with the frontman.
In his explosive memoirs, Life, Richards mocks his Rolling Stones bandmate, claiming speculation the rocker is well-endowed is false and insisting Jagger's one-time girlfriend Marianne Faithfull "had no fun with his tiny todger (penis)".
But Des Barres, who has written two books about her romps with Jagger and other rock 'n' roll legends, wants to set the record straight.
She says, "I beg to differ with Keith on the sexual prowess of his lead singer. In all ways (including size) I got plenty of satisfaction. The todger isn't tiny after all, dolls. And you can trust the world's most famous groupie!"