Pamela Anderson has turned her beloved Chihuahua into a cover model by posing with him on the front of US dog lovers' magazine Modern Dog.

LUCA PIZZARONI PASQUINI, named after one of the model/actress' favourite photographers and her choice of coffee machines, joins his owner on the front of the summer (05) issue of the top dog publication, nestled in Anderson's arms.

In the accompanying article, the former Baywatch babe reveals she's a doting mum to her little dog - because she's constantly worried he'll be dragged off by a big bird.

She explains, "I'm afraid a bird might swoop down and pick him up.

"I once rescued a Maltese that was abducted by an owl - he slipped out of his collar and fell who knows how far. I found him on the side of the road, limping and a mess."

She also admits she's a sucker for rescue pooches and spends a lot of time finding homes for strays among her celebrity pals.

She says, "I've rescued small dogs before. I brought a friend to rescue a dog at Pug Rescue (Los Angeles shelter) and I see this dog that had a hernia and one eye missing.

"It ended up my friend didn't get a dog, but I rescued FOO. Now Foo lives with Natalie Raitano (Anderson's V.I.P co-star)."

28/07/2005 09:17