Actress Pamela Anderson has declined to comment on the fight between her former husbands Kid Rock and Tommy Lee at the MTV video music awards, adding that she was being wooed by another man.

The Baywatch babe told the Ellen Degeneres show that she wanted to stay out of the row, which saw The Rock stars trade blows - apparently over Anderson.

Anderson added that she did not witness the fight as she had walked away after being affectionately grabbed by former husband Tommy Lee.

Responding to questions about the rocker, the VIP star said: "He pulled me on his lap and spanked my butt."

"Was that okay or no?" DeGeneres asked.

"Yeah, that was okay. What are you going to do? Boys," Anderson joked.

Anderson, who was once the most searched for item on internet search engines, also revealed that she had a new man in her life.

She said her current relationship with a professional poker player was "so romantic". However, the actress would not disclose her beau's name.

Anderson, whose marriages and divorces have been profiled over the years, told the popular host: "I'm not really engaged. I don't know what I am.

"We may never get that far. We're in love. This is nice," she added.

13/09/2007 07:35:02