An unexpected appearance by Pamela Anderson's breasts on a new Osbourne family show has been attracting headlines.

The Daily Star newspaper reports the former Baywatch belle was appearing on the show when her celebrated chest received a little more exposure than had been planned.

A representative of Anderson said: "I know that Pam had some issues with the zipper on the back of her dress. But as far as I saw, she remained properly covered and nothing was revealed to the audience."

This was not the impression reported by at least one eyewitness, who explained to the Star the incident occurred during a segment of The Osbournes: Reloaded show called Guess the Guest.

"The Osbournes blindfold themselves and ask the guest questions to guess who they are," the eyewitness said, referring to husband and wife Ozzy and Sharon and their children Kelly and Jack.

"Pam was sprawled on the stage, but when she got up, the top half of her dress completely flopped forward exposing everything."

Needless to say the entire Osbourne family missed the entire incident as they were blindfolded.

According to the Star the clip will be broadcast on the show at a later date. In the interests of journalistic integrity further close study of the clip is planned to establish which claims are correct.

20/12/2008 13:22:52