Pamela Anderson reportedly seduced British TV presenter Steve Jones after he interviewed her at the weekend.

The former Baywatch actress appeared on an episode of UK Sunday show T4, screened on Sunday (23OCT04).

She got on so well with the hunky presenter they headed back to her hotel suite at The Savoy straight after filming finished - and they spent six hours together, with Jones sneaking away in the early hours of the following morning.

A source says, "The interview with Pam was pre-recorded for the Sunday morning show, it was actually filmed on Friday (22OCT04) afternoon.

"Pam and Steve just got on amazingly. There was lots of flirting while they filmed, with Steve asking Pam to teach him to kiss.

"They even swapped tops and then, after the cameras stopped rolling, swapped numbers."

Former model Jones, 27, has been popular with Hollywood leading ladies who have guested on his show - last year (03) he was rumoured to have dated HALLE BERRY after she visited Britain, and he and Angelina Jolie allegedly exchanged telephone numbers.

26/10/2004 14:24