Pamela Anderson thinks women should do more to protect themselves against sexual predators.

The 50-year-old actress has experienced harassment during her time in the movie business, but Pamela claims she's managed to avoid awkward encounters by adopting a common sense approach, and she's urged other Hollywood stars to follow suit.

Asked whether she's experienced harassment during her career, the former 'Baywatch' actress - who has sons Dylan, 20, and Brandon, 21, with former husband Tommy Lee - explained: ''Harassment? Yes. It's Hollywood. But I always knew - my mother would tell me - not to get into a car with strangers, not to go to a hotel room alone.

''I just had this common sense feeling of how to protect myself. And I think that because of the business I was in, I was in Playboy, I was very cautious of that ... people maybe getting the wrong impression of me.

''I do believe that people have been victims of this, innocently. And the perpetrator is always at fault. But we also need to remember to not put ourselves in these situations, as women.''

Pamela sympathises with the victims of the Hollywood sex scandal, which came to light in 2017.

However, she still believes in ''love and chivalry'', and doesn't want the fallout from the scandal to impact true romance.

Speaking to an interviewer on the 'Victoria Derbyshire' she, Pamela explained: ''I think we still need to be careful what we wish for. I still believe in romantic love and chivalry.

''I wrote a book called 'Lust For Love', which comes out in April, with Rabbi Shmuley [Boteach]. It's a very interesting, bizarre coupling. He's from kind of a religious point of view and trying to keep marriages together and me, from kind of a romantic and sexy life and wanting me to make the first move.

''And, also, being a mother of two young boys and concerned for them and their ... for them to be able to have the security and be confident enough to take that role as men in a relationship, and to respect women ... it's complicated.''