Actress and activist Pamela Anderson took her animal rights fight to Britain on Tuesday (05Mar13) by delivering a speech at the country's famous University of Cambridge.

The Baywatch star followed in the footsteps of director Clint Eastwood and former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill by speaking at the Cambridge Union.

Anderson told the audience she wants to use her fame to support the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) organisation and raise awareness of its campaigns.

She said, "I was working in Baywatch and I was getting a lot of attention and silly questions about my boobs and boyfriends so I decided to do something and I called Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)."

The actress also revealed that as a child she stopped her father from hunting deer, adding, "My father was a hunter. He told us not to go in there (to his shed), but I got all my friends and we went. There hanging upside down and bleeding was a deer. I grew up on venison. I put it all together and thought it was crazy. I got my father and all his friends to stop hunting."

In a post on her page after the event, Anderson declared, "Thank you Cambridge! An honour to speak with such fiesty (sic) brains."