Pamela Anderson's 18-year-old son Brandon urged her to reconsider as she prepared to reveal the sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

The former Baywatch star made the revelation at the Cannes Film Festival in France earlier this year (14), admitting she had been the victim of abuse when she was young and had not even spoken to her own mother about the shame she carried through her upbringing.

In a new documentary, which will debut on charity website this month (Nov14), Anderson recalls showing her son Brandon her tell-all speech, and he tried to change her mind.

She says, "I let him read it and he was like, 'Mom, you can't say this kind of thing...' He had tears in his eyes..."

Talking about her decision to come forward and speak about the past as she launched the Pamela Anderson Foundation at Cannes, she adds, "There was so much shame and I think you make choices in your life based on your past and on your childhood."

Fans who view a new teaser for the upcoming documentary are being asked to donate to the Pamela Anderson Foundation.