Actress Pamela Anderson has been meeting with non-governmental organisation officials in Haiti to discuss ways to prevent the burning of woodlands for farming.

The former Baywatch star has been working with the Inga Foundation, which aims to prevent the so-called slash and burn technique to clear land for agricultural use, and she previously travelled to Honduras to help implement more sustainable methods, which experts claim will prevent the increase of global warming.

She recently headed to Haiti to assess the conditions there and to suggest sustainable solutions to stop deforestation and global warming to leading environmental activists, and she is confident a plan will soon be in place to improve agricultural systems in the poverty-stricken country, which was devastated by an earthquake in 2010.

In a post titled, Home from Haiti, Anderson praised the work of volunteers from charities like Sean Penn's J/P Haitian Relief Organization (Jphro) for their rebuilding efforts and their work to provide shelter for those left homeless by the natural disaster, writing, "Just Back from Haiti- Worthy improvements have been made- due to such incredible organizations-such as Jphro - I visited more than 2 yrs (years) ago- and was pleasantly surprised at their accomplishments- not only re homing (sic) people- but in rubble removal- Health care and providing and repairing schools..."

Expanding on her own work there, she continues, "The main purpose of my visit (my area of interest) was to bring Inga foundation to visit with Ngo's in Agricultural and reforestation areas- having great success in Honduras (where I visited)- in food security and reforestation-I am hoping same can be done in Haiti- great relationships brewing- things look promising- though their work is cut out for them, it's time to act."