Pamela Anderson is finally ''doing everything she wanted to''.

The 'Baywatch' star didn't think she would be glad to be in her 50s but she is really embracing her life.

She said: ''It's hard for me to think of myself at this age, but I'm doing everything I wanted to do. I'm living in the South of France, 99 percent of my life is devoted to my causes and my kids are grown.''

And Pamela couldn't be more proud of her children - Dylan, 19, and Brandon, 21, who she shares with her ex-husband Tommy Lee - for being so ''talented and ambitious''.

Speaking to Megyn Kelly on Today, she added: ''They're beautiful, they're talented and they're healthy and happy and ambitious and calculated. All those things I don't understand, but they do, so they're going to be okay. So things are good. Things are really good.''

Meanwhile, Pamela previously revealed her sons tell her to be ''so rich'' like Kim Kardashian West but she insists that's not something she ''aspires'' to be.

She said: ''They think I do things wrong. It's the typical mother-son relationship. 'Oh Mum, you should have done this. You could be so rich like Kim Kardashian!' That's not a life I aspire to. I am rich: I'm healthy, I have two beautiful boys and I'm doing what I'm passionate about. I don't need stuff.''

The 50-year-old actress posed for Playboy's final nude issue last year and she revealed it was her son who encouraged her to do it.

She said: ''It was a real honour. I never thought I would do a cover again. I remember when Hef called me, my son was next to me and he said, 'Mom, you've got to do it!' So I did.''