Pamela Anderson is convinced Malibu, California, is fast becoming the best place for stars to live because police there are committed to driving the paparazzi out.

The actress/model has noticed a real effort to keep prying photographers out of the celebrity beachside community and she's sure the town will become one of the safest star-studded places in California as a result.

She says, "I have a great relationship with the local police. They have helped remove and even deport people who are causing problems. The police are a huge presence at our schools and kids' sporting events.

"I wish no one bought tabloids, then these fools would be out of work. Anyone can just pick up a camera and be a nuisance... Laws will pass eventually.

"In the meantime, they don't realise they are being watched carefully, and they are not fooling anyone. Anybody that comes to Malibu with bad intentions will ultimately suffer the consequences."