Busty beauty Pamela Anderson was literally left floating on air by veteran magician LANCE BURTON last night, when he levitated her in front of a live Las Vegas audience.

The former BAYWATCH star made an appearance on Jay Leno's chat show in the gambling haven, and was asked by the comedian to participate in an act with Burton on an anti-gravity board.

Before taking part, she admitted, "I'm a little frightened. (But) I have flotation devices! I'll be fine."

As Burton took to the stage and urged Anderson to smile at the audience like a true showgirl, she repeatedly uttered, "I believe," to convince herself she was not about to fall once the two step ladders under her table were removed.

After the trick went off without a hitch and the audience applauded with delight, a flustered Anderson held her chest and announced, "Wow! That was great! Boy am I out of breath. Something happened."

Burton was equally impressed, telling Leno, "This is the highlight of my life, not just my career!"

12/05/2004 20:58