Pamela Anderson hand delivered a petition to the High Commission of Mauritius in London on Monday (12.12.16) calling for an end to the ''inhumane'' killing of dogs on the island.

The 'Baywatch' star - who is an active animal rights campaigner - was joined by rescue dog Zorro as she delivered the 179,000-strong petition to the London offices, urging the country to use a spay-and-neuter programme to tackle its stray dog problem.

She said: ''How can people enjoy a vacation on your 'Paradise Island' while knowing that such horrors are taking place near their hotels?

''Dogs are very loving and sensitive beings. We owe it to them to find a compassionate solution to the overpopulation crisis in Mauritius.''

The petition was launched in a response to a video released back in November, which shows the government-funded Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW) hunting down and killing dogs with lethal injections. The video - which was released by International Animal Rescue and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) - shows the dogs being killed in view of one another whilst the others try to climb the kennel gates and escape.

This comes after Pamela called on the UK's Prime Minister to ban wild animal acts in circuses.

In a letter written on behalf of PETA, she wrote: ''One of the things that I love the most about the UK is its strong reputation as a nation that opposes cruelty to animals. That's why my mouth dropped when I learned that Britain still has not banned wild animals from circuses.

''With all due respect, Brexit is complicated, but kissing circus animal acts goodbye is easy as pie. Animal acts are embarrassingly archaic and have no place in modern Britain - or anywhere else ... I'm currently in the UK and would welcome the chance to meet with you about this issue.''