Pamela Anderson has been invited to pose for a sexy photo shoot by Katie Price.

The former 'Baywatch' star and legendary pin-up was made the offer by the former British glamour model during an appearance on daytime UK TV show 'Loose Women', on which Katie is a panellist.

Katie, 38, has already fulfilled one of modelling dreams by posing with fellow 'Baywatch' babe Carmen Electra for a magazine and she took the opportunity to proposition Pammie, 49, on the programme to fulfil her final naked ambition.

Katie said: ''Sorry if you heard my comment earlier, I'm not sure if you heard what I said. I said there are two people I wanted to do a shoot with - Carmen Electra and you. I've done Carmen, can I do you now?''

Pammie didn't rule out the pin-up project and replied: ''We might have to sex it up a little bit...''

Katie then excitedly responded ''Oh yeah we can do that!''

Leaving Pammie to end the discussion by answering: ''I wasn't saying you, I was saying me!''

PETA campaigner Pammie has posed naked for Playboy on 14 occasions - with her first shoot taking place back in 1989 - and after the editorial decision was taken to drop full frontal nudity from its pages starting with the March 2016 edition she was personally chosen by the magazine's founder Hugh Hefner to be the final cover star to appear in her birthday suit inside.

Katie began her career in 1996 as a Page 3 model - a feature created by The Sun newspaper in 1970 consisting of a photograph of a beautiful model exposing her breasts - posing under the name Jordan.

She became a regular in the pages of men's magazines and in 2002 she was chosen to be a cover star for Playboy appearing in a racy shoot inside.

Before Pammie completed her interview on 'Loose Women' Katie attempted to gauge whether or not Pammie had put her modelling days behind her.

She asked: ''As I was growing up, you was my brother's pin-up, and you're known as being a glamorous pin-up. When do you think is the cut-off point - like you was the last one to do Playboy?''

Pammie - who turns 50 in July - then cheekily said: ''I'm still up to naughty things. Nothing changes. We're sexual creatures. Women are sensual until we're not on this earth.''