Fans fear Pamela Anderson is risking her health, after the actress was filmed drinking alcohol on a Swedish television show.

The ex-Baywatch babe, who suffers from Hepatitis C, stunned fans on Monday (20OCT03) when she told American radio presenter Howard Stern her condition meant she had only five to 10 years left to live.

She insisted she would maintain a healthy lifestyle for the sake of her kids with ex-husband, rocker TOMMY LEE - a key element of which is abstinence from alcohol, as Hepatitis suffers have a severely weakened liver.

Scandinavian fans of the busty actress were therefore stunned to see her openly swigging a local brew on Swedish show HIGH CHAPARRAL.

A devotee tells American news site THE SCOOP, "She was on a show called High Chaparral and she drank Glögg - an alcoholic drink Swedes drink at Christmas - and red wine.

"Now they're having a contest where you can win her wine glass and Glögg glass."

22/10/2003 17:39