Bosses of Pamela Anderson's upcoming sitcom STACKED have beenforced to cut reels of tape from the first episode - because the amused live audience laughed so much.

Anderson is impressed to see that her comedic antics as a bookstore employee have won the seal of approval from studio audiences, ahead of the show's 13 April (05) debut.

She says, "We taped our first show and the audience was so receptive and so excited, too. They had to cut like eight minutes out of our first episode because there was so many laughs - laughs where we didn't even know there were laughs."

And the former BAYWATCH star admits that her work schedule is very different to anything else she's experienced in the past.

She adds, "There's like rehearsals and things. I've never done that before, so it's like a whole new thing... This is like my first real job!"

02/04/2005 03:35