Pamela Anderson's sons are such huge fans of the busty beauty's ex-boyfriends, they're urging her to move into a large house with all of them.

The former BAYWATCH star, formerly married to Tommy Lee, has been romantically linked to a number of fellow celebrities over the years, including Marcus Schenkenberg, Kid Rock, BRET MICHAELS and her latest boyfriend STEPHEN DORFF.

And her sons BRANDON, eight, and DYLAN, seven, are urging her to set up one big happy family of ex-boyfriends.

She says, "They like Stephen. Stephen's a sweetheart. He's really good to them.

"But they think that all Mommy's boyfriends should live in one big house and we should all live together. I said, 'That would be great. I would love that.'"

14/04/2005 13:49