Pamela Anderson has downplayed reports she's completely toned down her former wild lifestyle, insisting she still parties hard when she hits Los Angeles at night.

The ex-Baywatch beauty rarely ventures out for a night of hedonistic fun these days, but when she does, she refuses to limit her revelling to just a couple of alcoholic beverages.

Instead, she gathers her entourage, barricades them in her chosen hotel room of the evening, and indulges her "wild" side into the small hours.

She says, "I don't go out as often as I used to, but when I do I go out hard and have a really good time.

"If it's a night out in LA we usually end up in my hotel and have a really, really wild time. I like to decorate my hotel suite and invite all my friends round.

"I like to keep it behind closed doors these days."

12/01/2005 17:30