Former BAYWATCH star Pamela Anderson delayed the release of her second book Star Struck, after deciding the storyline was too true-to-life.

The raunchy novel is the follow-up to last year's (04) surprise hit Star, which follows the early life of busty blonde cosmetologist STAR LEIGH WOOD, who lands on the pages of an adult magazine before starring in a BAYWATCH-like TV show.

And while Anderson admits that both books are loosely based on her life, she and her co-writer ERIC SHAW QUINN decided to delay the release of Star Struck, which is released today (23AUG05), after finding it a little to close to reality.

She says, 'I decided I needed to fictionalise it more, maybe kill a few people, throw in a little of this and a little of that. It just started feeling a bit too familiar to me.

"Star was more like a Cinderella story, but this one gets edgier and more erotic. That's kind of what happened in my life at the time."

She adds, "Hopefully, the people who enjoyed the first book will enjoy the second book. And it's definitely racier. It's PG18."