Actress Pamela Anderson has finally met the mother of the four-year-old boy who drowned at her Los Angeles home.

DANIEL KARVEN died at a party Anderson and ex-husband Tommy Lee held for their son BRANDON in June 2001.

Anderson - who was cleared of any wrong-doing - never had any contact with Daniel's mother, German actress Ursula Karven, until they met by chance recently at a LA martial arts class both their children were attending.

Karven approached Anderson and introduced herself as "Daniel's mother".

The former BAYWATCH star tells an interview on German television, "I didn't know which Daniel she meant. I know many Daniels."

After Karven explained, they fell into each other's arms crying.

Anderson - who told Karven her children pray for Daniel every day - adds, "She said to me, 'Every day I wake up I think of him and every night when I go to sleep.'

"We both had tears in our eyes and only held each other. We knew their would be no words which could ease the pain."

11/01/2005 17:45