Sexy star Pamela Anderson has insisted once again that she and ex-husband Tommy Lee are just good friends - despite their public displays of affection.

The pair - who wed in 1995, before divorcing in 1998 - have even faced speculation they're set to walk down the aisle together again in the near future - but Anderson insisted none of the rumours were true when she appeared on Jay Leno's American TV show on Tuesday night (11MAY04).

She told the comedian, "We're not together. We're parents of our kids. He's a wonderful guy and we're friendly and we spend a lot of time together. This isn't OPRAH. If it was Oprah I could get into this and we could just dissect it."

A persistent Leno urged, "I am the male Oprah. Oprah and I are soulmates. When Oprah and I get together we talk about you and what's going on."

But Anderson was not to be coaxed into a confession, telling Leno, "It's complicated. I love Tommy. A part of me really loves Tommy - kidding!"

13/05/2004 09:13