Hollywood beauty Pamela Anderson knows exactly what she wants in her next man - specifically, to look like weathered HULK star Sam Elliot.

The former Baywatch actress made her feelings for Elliot clear as has turned her monthly column in JANE magazine into a 'favourite things' list for the latest issue.

And under a section marked simply 'Men', Anderson admits she's hooked on Elliot, who turns 60 in August (04).

By his name, she scribbles, "I want a Sam Elliot...Yum!" She goes on to joke the note is a "personal ad".

Oddly enough, her ex-husband Tommy Lee and past lover Kelly Slater make the list, but ex-fiancee Kid Rock doesn't.

Kid Rock's sounds make her list of favourite music, though, as does her ex-husband's tunes, although she comments "before he over-produces it".

Anderson also misspells one of her favourite rock groups as 'LEONARD SKYNARD' (Lynyrd Skynyrd).

Her list of favourites also includes her white RANGE ROVER, her house on the beach, "all animals", "working on my website", and eating outside.

And the 36-year-old concludes by writing, "Being a mom is by far my favourite thing."

07/05/2004 09:48