LATEST: A nanny has backed former tennis ace Pam Shriver's claims her husband GEORGE LAZENBY is an 'abusive drunk'.
Shriver is divorcing the one-time Bond actor after six years of marriage.
She claims he has threatened to kill her and previously assaulted her in a drunken rage.
Shriver further claims he fed alcohol to their three kids: George, four; and twins Caitlin and Samuel, two.
And the family's former nanny Jessie Buckley has supported Shriver's divorce case, insisting Lazenby has 'severe anger management issues' and should not get custody of his children.
She says, "George's anger is constant and persistent.
"He is unable to control his anger in front of the children."
Three other nannies who worked for the couple have made statements supporting Shriver's custody claim.
Lazenby has denied the allegations.