Actress Pam Grier is hoping her new TV show about a group of lesbians will serve to educate the public and dispel negative stereotypes.

The iconic FOXY BROWN star joins Jennifer Beals in THE L WORD, which hits American TV screens on Sunday (18JAN04) and hopes to showcase non-heterosexual women in a more realistic light.

Grier says, "Our society has evolved and we're much smarter and much more tolerant and accepting.

"This is my family of acceptance and I know what it's like. A group of women who are lesbian or bisexual or curious or whatever can't possibly change their sexuality like I can't change the colour of my skin.

"And as we start talking about the depths of our characters, I think our society will be enlightened and educated and informed. And there won't be the myths and the stereotypes which are so negative."

16/01/2004 09:53